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APRIL 2018 | Volume XXII Issue XIIII



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CGFM Committee


The CGFM committee would like to thank all whom were involved with helping to making CGFM Month great. We are deeply grateful for the presenters during the workshop: Mrs. Margie Toney, Ms. Pamela Hill, and Dr. Keren Deal. These three very intelligent and wonderful women made the CGFM material relatable and enjoyable. We would also like to thank each and every one that participated in the workshop. Lastly, a special thank you to President-Elect Courtney Bruce for obtaining the technology to link in our fellow chapter of Naples, Florida.



CGFM Spotlight

The Montgomery Chapter AGA would like to recognize the following active Certified Financial Government Managers as of March 1, 2018:

Carissa Adams       Samuel Barber       Gwen Barnett    

   Kathleen Baxter    Dixie Black        Robert Brantley        Kelly Brendle        Courtney Bruce   

Deborah Bruggink 

      Edith Burleson       Darrell Butters       Rachel Chou     Frances Copeland       Billy Daniels    

   Keren Deal   

    Avito DeAndrade     Marilyn Dozier      Peter Dranka       Tammy Dunn    

   Steven Emerson     James Farrior             Ann Franklin            William Goodwin        Patricia Haigler  

   Joseph Harris   Pamela Harris     Veronica Harris

    Jeffrey Hartkoff      Cynthia Holiness          Matthew James           Marcus Johnson        Ronald Jones   

Susan Jones        Sandra Kelly         Jason Kunau        Carmen Leonard

Andrette Munnerlyn        Kenneth Odom        Angela Palmer      Tashundrea Patterson Melissa Pierce        

Benjamin Powell       David Pruitt       Lisa Reeder       Brice Rhee Jamie Robison        Michael Rushing   

   Vernita Saunders       Towanna Sears

Penny Smith       Donna Snyder     Karen Stanley     Sandra Steele     Diane Stroud Nakia Tetter     

  Walter Thomas       Terese Toby     Margie Toney       

  Charlene Wachs           Carol Ann Wells          Jonathan West          Jo Wood

“CGFM is a professional certification recognizing the unique skills and special knowledge required of to-day’s government financial managers. It covers governmental accounting, auditing, financial reporting, internal controls and budgeting at the federal, state and local levels.”

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President's Report

 Happy CGFM Month!

 “Certified Government Financial Manager® (CGFM®) is a professional certification awarded by AGA, demonstrating competency in governmental accounting, auditing, financial reporting, internal controls and budgeting at the federal, state and local levels.”

 It was truly a positive experience to join over 50 government professionals at the CGFM workshop on March 15th.  I would like to thank everyone that helped to make this event a success including our workshop organizers, supporting committees, attendees, and AUM.

 A big “Thank You” to the Community Service committee for organizing another successful engagement event.  Several AGA volunteer participated as we played bingo with the residents of John Knox Manor. Please join us at the Walk of Life on April 21st.

 Finally, please check the website and social media sites during the month of April.  There will be special activities and giveaways as we celebrate AGA Membership month. You are an important part of the AGA family and we would like to show our appreciation.  


                                                Emma Cole, AGA Montgomery Chapter President

                                                   Serving OUR AGA with Passion and Purpose

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 “Note from Membership for Fall PDT attendees”


Renewal season is underway.  If you attended the Fall PDT, your renewal was included in the registration fee.  Please disregard any renewal messages. We have submitted the membership dues and forms to the AGA national office for processing.

Please feel free to contact the Membership Committee with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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PDT Awards of Distinction

These awards, presented annually at AGA’s Professional Development Training (PDT), recognize individuals and chapters for their contributions to AGA and the government financial management community. Nominations for the 2018 PDT awards are due March 31, 2018. 

Awards are presented at the PDT in Orlando, Florida on July 22-25, 2018

·  Robert W. King Memorial Award

Recognizes superior service that enhanced AGA's national prestige and stature

Any AGA member, except individuals serving on the National Executive Committee or employees of the AGA at the time the award is present, is eligible for the award

·  Frank Greathouse Distinguished Leadership Award

Recognizes government employees who have demonstrated sustained outstanding leadership and notable contributions to financial management, and who have encouraged increased interest, growth, development and distinctive leadership in the field of financial management

Nominees must have been employed in government service at the time the work being recognized was performed

Nominees do not have to be AGA members

·  Einhorn-Gary Award

Recognizes an AGA member or an organization that has, over a sustained period of time, made major contributions to advancing government accountability at the federal, state, and/or local level

Nominees must have a record of active participation in AGA activities and/or programs at the chapter and national level to be considered for this award

· Achievement of the Year Award

Recognizes leadership or outstanding achievement in developing, implementing and improving financial management in government service in the past year

Nominees must have been employed in government service at the time the work being recognized was performed

Nominees do not have to be AGA members

· Educator Award

Recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the education and training of government financial managers

Nominees do not have to be government employees or AGA members

· International Achievement Award

Recognizes leadership or outstanding achievement in international government financial management

Nominees must have been employed in government service at the time the work being recognized was performed

· Emerging Leader Award of Excellence

Recognizes younger government financial managers for notable contributions toward excellence in financial management; it is hoped that this recognition will encourage others to achieve early in their professional lives

Nominees must have within 5–10 years of experience within the government financial management industry

Nominees do not have to be AGA members

An individual may not receive this award more than once

·  Cornelius E. Tierney/Ernst & Young Research Award

Recognizes individuals who throughout their careers (minimum of 15 years) have made continuous contributions to governmental financial management by their direct participation in research activities and/or through their encouragement and support of others engaged in government financial management research

The nominated researcher(s), through their individual efforts, enhanced the image and effectiveness of government accountants, auditors and financial managers by their efforts in one or more of the following areas:

Basic Research—The gathering of information on a systemic basis for a fuller knowledge or understanding of governmental financial management, thereby contributing to the improvement of government management policies, procedures and practices

Applied Research—The application of knowledge leading to the development of new methods and techniques for governmental financial management, thereby contributing to the improvement of the image, operations, control and accountability of government

Education—Basic and applied research relating to the education of government accountants and financial managers, thereby enhancing their technical and operational capabilities. 

Nominees do not have to be members of AGA


·  Relmond P. Van Daniker Government Transparency Award

Recognizes outstanding reporting by a government in the past year through the generation of a report, website, dashboard, or information display, etc. for the public and/or government officials

Reports/Communications/Information Displays/Websites/Presentations produced by state, local, or federal government units may be nominated to highlight great examples of transparency

Successful entries will communicate large quantities of financial information, provide accessibility to information, and achieve a better understanding of the government’s financial results, position, service efforts, accomplishments, or subsequent decisions; communications in which information is easily available to the widest possible audience, is quickly and easily understandable, is presented in a manner that facilitates understanding, and has been read, used, and or acted on will be recognized

Your nomination must include a pdf of or link to the information display being submitted

·  Chapter Accountability and Transparency Award

Recognizes AGA chapters that have done an outstanding job in promoting AGA’s accountability and transparency programs to their chapter members and the government financial community

Recognizes chapters that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment in being a leading source of information and knowledge on accountability and transparency for members and the government community. It highlights AGA’s Citizen Centric Reporting initiative and other public reporting initiatives, such as Open Government websites, which provide access and easy to understand information to the public on the use of resources and the results of government operations. These initiatives are intended to increase public awareness and confidence in the integrity, competence and professionalism of government accountability professionals

·  Chapter CGFM Award

Recognizes AGA chapters that have done an outstanding job in promoting the CGFM Program and its members, other accountability professionals and their community

Receipt of the award reflects that a chapter is willing to and had dedicated significant time and resources to further the recognition and integrity of the CGFM Program

·  Chapter Education Award

Honors AGA chapters that have done an outstanding job in providing educational programs to its members and other accountability professionals

Recognizes chapters that have demonstrated an exceptional commitment providing one or more educational events, which requires significant commitment of time and/or resources

·  Community Service Award

Honors AGA chapters that have done an outstanding job in community service projects

Recognizes chapters that have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to community service by participating in a number of community service projects or by participating in one project, which requires significant commitment of time and/or resources


Please submit nominations to the Awards Committee by the close of business day March 30, 2018 via email address [email protected]


Promotional Announcements

  Montgomery AGA Chapter members please submit your promotions and achievements to [email protected]

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Calendar of Events

Upcoming Calendar of Events



*Member Appreciation Month



18th - Spring PDT Luncheon

(Includes Awards & Scholarships)


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Montgomery AGA Scholarship Information





There are currently four (4) scholarships available through the Montgomery Chapter of AGA. For more information, please click the link and visit us at SCHOLARSHIPS:











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Community Service



On Saturday, March 10th, members of the Montgomery AGA met at John Knox Manor from 9:30-11:30am for a fun filled service project! Attendees assisted residents to and from the dining area and also called out bingo numbers and helped mark cards.



If you would like to sign up for future projects or have any questions, please contact Ashley McTear or Nakia Tetter at [email protected].

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Education Committee


National AGA Training Events



Beyond the Code: Ethics in The Real World

April 11 | 2–3:50 p.m. ET | 2 CPEs | FOS: BETH

This innovative and interactive presentation taps the fields of neuroscience, psychology and even biology to understand the point where science, emotion and critical thinking interact. Instead of critiquing how our minds are supposed to work, we will delve inside the fascinating world of how our minds actually work when we face difficult dilemmas with competing goals. The audience will experience startling, interactive experiments that reveal how we miss the obvious and how our minds conjure up false perceptions out of thin air. We will review why outdated ethical models centered around rule-based codes have failed and what research indicates does improve individual and organizational ethical reasoning.

This session includes powerful visuals of brain activity associated with cognitive patterns of ethical reasoning.



April 25 | 2–3:50 p.m. ET | 2 CPEs | FOS: AUDG

Since May 9, 2017, every federal agency is required to report standardized spending data. This webinar will focus on explaining how you can use data to enhance the value, quality, engagement, interaction, and effectiveness of your daily task. Hear the results of the Grants Pilot test and learn how to prepare especially, if you are non-federal agency. 

We will also explore resources and software such as, GitHub, and the Central Data Element Repository Library to help guide in reporting automation and reduce costs. 



CGFM Intensive Review Course and examinations

AGA's Intensive Review Course (IRC) with CGFM examinations included is a great opportunity to review the course material with a knowledgeable instructor and complete your CGFM!

The next IRC, offering up to 18 CPEs, will be held in Arlington, Virginia, April 26–27, 2018. The class will run 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. both days. The cost of the course for qualified participants is as follows:

  • $375 for AGA members
  • $425 for nonmembers

The CGFM examinations are offered at no additional cost to course attendees — a $375 savings! 

The CGFM examinations can be taken by appointment only at Pearson Professional Testing Centers from April 28, 2018 – July 31, 2018, using vouchers provided by AGA.

  • What is the IRC? It is a special, limited enrollment opportunity for individuals who have already been studying for the CGFM examinations and want extra reinforcement of the material. It is a review of the main topics covered on the CGFM examinations, led by a knowledgeable instructor.
  • The IRC is not a shortcut. It is not a prep course with strategies on how to pass the exams, and it is not a substitute for the three AGA instructor-led training courses. The IRC is usually not enough, by itself, to prepare for the CGFM examinations — advance preparation is strongly recommended.


Polishing Your Presentation Skills

May 9 | 2–3:50 p.m. ET | 2 CPEs | FOS: PD

You can have the best idea or product to accomplish an important goal, but if you cannot communicate your ideas clearly, then nobody will ever know. Whether you are working with your own team, pitching an idea to upper management, meeting with a client or delivering a workshop or keynote presentation, public speaking skills are an integral part of our professional lives. At the same time, public speaking can provoke great anxiety and is often said to be feared more than death. This webinar will help you build your public speaking skills so that you can become a confident speaker capable of communicating clear messages in any context.




The ERM HUB.   

Additionally, there is a new resource available for members

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has been considered a game-changer in how government agencies operate and are regulated.  AGA has compiled a list of resources and documents designed to give federal, state and local government officials a complete picture of ERM's past and present, and a glimpse at its future in government.

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Brain Candy


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Minutes from Past Meetings



Date: Thursday, February 1, 2018

Place:  Zoom

Meeting Called to Order: 11:30 a.m.


The 2017-2018 CEC leadership meeting of the officers and directors of the Montgomery, AL Chapter of the Association of Government Accountants (AGA) was called to order by President Emma Cole.  A quorum for the CEC meetings is three (3) Chapter Officers and five (5) Directors.  A quorum was present with the following officers, directors, and committee members in attendance:


President                                                                    Emma Cole

President Elect                                                            Courtney Bruce

Immediate Past President/Certification                     


Financial Secretary                                                      Ann Franklin

Secretary                                                                    Dixie Black

Assistant Secretary/Programs                                                                       


Chapter Directors and members:

Accountability                                                             Carmen Leonard

Awards & Nominations                                                  Kizzy Williams

Bylaws and Procedures                                             

Career Opportunities                                                 

Certification                                                                 Pamela Hill

Communication                                                            Yeteva Johnson

Community Service                                                  

Education                                                                    Lashawn Pierce

Internal Audit                                                              NaTasha Jackson

Leadership Engagement                                                Sandra Steele

Meetings & Registration                                                Tashundrea Patterson, Wanda Dillard


Membership/Early Career                                              Vee Mosely



Webmaster & Technology                                                                 

Business Analytics                             





  •          Motion to approve minutes of December 7, 2017 meeting was made by Vee Mosely and seconded by Courtney Bruce. Motion passed unanimously.


  •          Reported CRP submitted was 20,000 which exceeded the goal of 19,000. Special thanks to Education, Certification, Communications, and Technology Committees.
  •          CEC encouraged to nominate for PDT awards; last year no nominations from our chapter. Let Kizzy know of any nominee ideas.
  •          Currently, we have 124 renewals. Records reflect 200 but only 124 paid.
  •          Upcoming event at Carver with 120 students on February 9.
  •          Encourage members 35 and younger to attend the YP Networking Event February 15 or if over 35 take a YP with you.
  •          Celebrate March CGFM with attendance at CGFM workshop March 15.
  •          Courtney is working on the slate of officers and directors for next year.

Financial Reports and Update: 

  •          Latreeka is preparing the financials.

Committee Reports: 

Accountability: Deadline for essay contest is February 26. Details to be included on website and in newsletter.

Awards:  Submit nominees for national PDT awards to Kizzy.

Business Analytics: No report.

Bylaws: No report.

Education:  Lashawn discussed the Spring PDT. The PDT will be held at Hilton Garden in Eastchase on May 17-18. There was additional discussion on the fees for the PDT and registration. Lashawn will clarify cost per day. Topic suggestions should be directed to Lashawn or Emma.

Vee Mosely made motion to accept Spring Seminar proposal as presented by Education Committee. Tashundrea Patterson seconded. Motion approved unanimously.

Programs:  No report.

Career Opportunities:  No report.

Certification: Pamela noted March is CGFM month. A workshop will be held March 15 from 10 to 2 at AUM. Karen Deal, Margie Toney, Pamela Hill will present. The goal is to offer the event free to CGFMs. Requested proclamations declaring March “CGFM Month” from new cities and counties are slowly coming. Emma thanked Certification committee for obtaining the proclamations.

Communication:  Reminded CEC to submit information for monthly newsletter. All events need to be in newsletter.

Community Service: Community Service event at John Knox Manor on March 10th.

Internal Audit: No report.

Leadership Engagement: No report.

Meeting and Registration:  Discussed the Spring Seminar.

Membership/Early Career: Committee has identified Early Career members. Membership has requested a check to send in for renewals from the PDT.

Mentorship:  Presentation at Carver High School on February 9th.

Scholarships:  Accounting scholarship deadline is April 16.

Sponsorship:  No report.

Webmaster & Technology:  No report.


Announcements:  Support upcoming events. See you at CGFM Workshop.

Meeting adjourned:  11:58 a.m.     


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MAY 18, 2018



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CEC - Chapter Executive Committee

 AGA Montgomery 2017-2018 Executive Committee!**

Emma Cole, President

Courtney E. Bruce, President-Elect

Marcus A. Johnson, Immediate Past President

Latreeka D. Williams, Treasurer

Ann Marie Franklin, Financial Secretary

Dixie Black, Secretary

Nicole Boswell, Assistant Secretary

Carmen Y. Leonard & Rosa Robinson, Co-Directors of Accountability

Natasha Jackson, Director of Audit

Kizzy Williams, Director of Awards & Nominations

Robert D. Smith, Director of Business Analytics

Alea DePaola & Margie R. Toney, Co-Directors of Bylaws and Procedures

Saketa Moore, Director of Career Opportunities and Resources

Yeteva M. Johnson, Director of Communications

Ashley T. McTear & Nakia E. Tetter, Co-Directors of Community Service

 Varee LaShawn Pierce & William Goodwin, Co-Directors of Education

Keren Deal, Kathleen Baxter, & Sandra SteeleCo-Directors of Leadership Engagement

Wanda M. Dillard & Tashundrea B. Patterson, Co-Directors of Meetings & Registrations

Vee Mosely & Jonathan L. West, Co-Directors of Membership

Abel Abebe & Mia Johnson, Co-Directors of Mentorship

Pamela R. Hill & Marcus A. Johnson, Co-Directors of Professional Certification

Nicole Boswell & Elizabeth James, Co-Directors of Programs

Carolyn P. Rhodes & Gregory T. Sims & Mary K. Wilson, Co-Directors of Scholarships

Janice Duncan & Amesha GloverCo-Directors of Sponsorship

Roshanda A. McKinnon Raven McKinnon, & Tameka Weathers, Webmasters & Co-Directors of Technology


  **All contact information can be found on the chapter website,

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Until Next Time...

"Serving Our AGA with Purpose and Passion"

Emma Cole

 2017-2018 President



Do you have any information you would like to see in the next newsletter?

Anything from awards, promotions, articles, etc.....


Contact the Communications Director


[email protected]

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