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Memo to the Members

During the December CEC meeting it was voted on to include a new position for the chapter, National Council of Chapters (NCC) representative. This position is required per the AGA new governance structure.  The NCC is comprised of one member from each chapter to advise the National Governing Board (NGB) on strategic issues, facilitate connections among chapters and promote chapter health and growth. This selected individual will hold this position until June 2020 barring any major catastrophe. Appointment to the NCC is a significant commitment and representatives are expected to participate in all council meetings.


Congratulations  to Pamela R. Hill on being selected as our NCC rep!

She will be  representing our chapter at the national level.


Newsletter Award 2012-13



February 2019  

The Treasury

February 2019 | Volume XXIII Issue IIII



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Peace Love & Accounting

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President's Report

Greetings AGA Montgomery,

Let me first congratulate Pamela Hill on becoming our elected National Committee Chair Representative for our chapter. I look forward to watching you represent Montgomery AGA chapter at the national level.

I hope to see everyone at our February meeting hosted by our Membership Director, LaTaya Lucas. This is definitely a chance to voice your opinion on the direction the chapter is moving. Please bring your insights!

I also hope to see everyone at our March meeting with the American Society of Military Comptrollers. This will be our rescheduled meeting that was cancelled in January. Our speaker, Theresa Nola, has an awesome topic, FEMA - Financing the Disasters. 

Please save the date, April 12, 2019. That is our date for our annual Spring PDT. Additionally, we have disseminated information about our scholarships. If you or you know someone that is interested please feel free to share the information.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day and President's Day. Remember to Make every member matter!




Courtney E. Bruce, AGA Montgomery Chapter President 2018-2019

                                     Making EVERY Member Matter

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Calendar of Events


Montgomery AGA wants to hear from you.

THEME: Membership Really Matters

RESOURCE HOST: LaTaya Lucas, Membership Director

ALL Members please invite your Division Directors

Are you benefiting fully from your AGA Membership? Do you know the FREE benefits you have with AGA? Are there specific training areas you need? Can you support the Chapter 3-4 times a year? What are your likes and dislikes of the Chapter?

Please come out and join us for an open discussion on MEMBERSHIP. Your membership really matters and we want to hear from you to make sure the Chapter is moving forward.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
RSA-Baumhower's Restaurant (Downtown)
201 South Union Street - Room 853
Montgomery, AL 36130

$8.00 Member/Guest/Sponsor a Student Ticket




Please join us for our joint luncheon with the Military Comptrollers, where the speaker will be Ms. Theresa Nola with FEMA. She is the Director of Budget Formulation and Execution for OCFO-Field Based Operations. The topic of her presentation will be "Federal Emergency Management Agency-Financing the Disasters".

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Baumhower's Restaurant (Downtown)
201 South Union Street - 8th Floor Banquet Room
Montgomery, AL 36130

$10.00 Member/Guest ticket


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Education Committee

Welcome to the 2019 National Leadership Training!

National Leadership Training (NLT) is the essential event for developing and training government financial professionals to excel as leaders in today’s competitive market. Don’t miss this opportunity to share best practices, find new solutions to challenges, network with peers and learn from the top financial management leaders and industry experts. This training offers up to 14 CPE hours.

Can’t travel to Washington? NLT offers virtual attendance — from your home or office — so you don't have to miss out on this important leadership training event. Virtual attendance also offers up to 14 CPE hours.

2019 National Leadership Training

Feb. 27–28 | Washington or virtual | 14 CPEs

developing and training government financial 
professionals to excel as leaders


  Online Email/mail
AGA Member    
Early Bird (by Feb. 8) $525 $550
Standard (after Feb. 8) $625 $650
Early Bird (by Feb. 8) $700 $725
Standard (after Feb. 8) $800 $825


Updates to The New Tax Reform

March 6 | 2–3:50 PM ET | 2 CPEs | FOS: TAX

Program Level: Overview
Prerequisite: None
Advance Preparation: None required
Field of Study: Taxes (TAX)

The new tax reform brings many new changes to both business and individuals. This webinar will explore how tax reform will affect governments, your workplace and your taxes. We will also explore what tax provisions have changed or eliminated and understand how these changes will affect government services and tax collections, along with the impact to the federal deficit. 


AGA Women's Leadership Series: The Power of Being You: Insights, Influence and Innovation - A Dialogue with Women Leaders in Government Financial Management

March 14 | 1–2:00 PM ET | 1 CPEs | FOS: PD

Program Level: Overview
Prerequisite: None
Advance Preparation: None required
Field of Study: Personal Development (PD)

FREE for AGA Members!


Protecting and Utilizing Government Data

March 27 | 2–3:50 PM ET | 2 CPEs | FOS: CS

Program Level: Overview
Prerequisite: None
Advance Preparation: None required
Field of Study: Computer Software & Applications (CS)

Government agencies have never had access to so much data, or the modern capabilities to access and use data. Increased value of data can be obtained by turning it into manageable and usable information, while leveraging modern technologies to protect data from cyber security breaches.

Government agencies continue to face challenges from legacy systems, resulting in vast amounts of data not being fully leveraged and heightened cyber security risk. Snatched from 2018 headlines: “. . . federal agency data is under siege,” with 57 percent of federal agencies experiencing a data breach in the past year, over three times the number of agencies reporting breaches two years ago. How can government agencies better protect and use data to drive enhanced decision making and taxpayer transparency? 


Financial Systems Summit 2019

Mar. 28, 2019 | Washington, D.C. or virtual |  

6 CPEs

discussing financial systems modernization in a budget-constrained environment


To sign up for any of the above opportunities, please visit AGA National Trainings

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Montgomery AGA Scholarship Information


Are you or a family member pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies? If so, consider applying for an AGA Montgomery Academic Scholarship!

General Scholarships

Each year, AGA Montgomery awards one or more of the following scholarships (part-time student award/full-time student award):

  • Full-time State Employee Scholarship ($500/$1,000)
  • AGA Chapter Member Scholarship ($500/$1,000)
  • Child of AGA Chapter Member Scholarship ($500/$1,000)
  • Accounting Student** Scholarship  ($500/$1,000)-Must be an accounting student,not a state employee or AGA


The deadline for the complete scholarship applications is April 12, 2019.  The information can be accessed on our website at AGA Montgomery Scholarships  

If you need additional information, please email [email protected].

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CGFM Committee

CGFM Celebrates 25 Years!
Grab your party hat and toss the confetti … CGFM turns 25 in 2019! To celebrate this exciting occasion, AGA is planning special celebrations and promotions throughout the year. Celebrate with us and make this the year you earn your CGFM!

CGFM Exams Update
The CGFM exams will be updated in the second half of 2019. Be sure to check out the “Examinations Update” page on AGA’s website to learn more about these changes, including information on the specific timeline.

Online Study Guide Access for Only $37
Need the latest edition of the CGFM study guides? The online version is now available as a six-month subscription for only $37!

Montgomery Chapter

Need extra help with studying?   The chapter has flash cards that can be check out by contacting Tiffany Arrington at [email protected]

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Renew Here!!!

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Minutes from Past Meetings

January 24, 2019 - unapproved

2:00 – 3:00 PM

I. Call to order – 2:07pm

II. Roll call – Secretary – 2:07pm – Quorum Met

III. Leadership Overview

A. President Courtney Bruce – No Report

B. President-Elect Latreeka Williams

     - Chapter Recognition Points (CRP) is 50% of goal as of today’s date.

     - Luncheon with military comptroller has been rescheduled to 3/13/2019 or 3/14/2019.

C. Immediate Past President Emma Cole – No Report

IV. Financial Report - Treasurer and Financial Secretary

     - Balance sheet to be sent for review. Please advise of any questions

V.Audit Status Discussion

     - Audit is almost complete. No problems have been reported as of today’s date. A few more documents are needed to finish.

     - Please verify identity of caller before giving out any information.

VI.National Council of Chapter Appointment

     - Per CEC vote which ended 1/23/2019, Pamela R. Hill will serve as our representative.

VII.CEC Directors


  1. Membership/Early Career – LaTaya Lucas
    1. First student event will take place on 2/20/2019
  2. Certifications – LaTaya Lucas & Pamela R. Hill
    1. Proclamations are being gathered
    2. National is offering free classes and low CGFM fees due to the government shut-down
  3. Community Service – No Report
  4. Communications – Yeteva M. Johnson
    1. Please email info for newsletter no later than 1/28/2019
  5. Career Opportunities – Saketa Moore
    1. More job opportunities are needed to be shared with email distribution
    2. We need to promote AGA membership to other fields and/or occupations
  6. Education – Pamela R. Hill
    1. Currently working on CGFM individual section study for Spring PDT
    2. Spring PDT (4/12/2019 @ Holton Garden Eastchase) speakers are needed and can be sent to the Education committee
  7. Meetings & Registration – Tashaundria Patterson
    1. February Luncheon is open for registration. The cost is $8 and will be limited to 60 people.
    2. March Luncheon will be announced once all technology requirements are met and approved.
  8. Programs – Nicole Boswell
    1. The committee will remain dormant until 2019-2020 planning starts
    2. Will be helping with luncheons and Spring PDTs
  9. Accountability – No Report
  10. Awards - No Report
  11. Scholarship – Carolyn Rhodes
    1. Committee is scheduled to meet on 1/29/2019 to discuss finances and update the qualifications/criteria of each scholarship offered
    2. Will be ready to present information at February Luncheon
  12. Webmaster - No Report
  13. Bylaws – Emerick Davis     Has begun meeting with Margie Toney in order to incorporate all recent updates and additions
  14. VIII.Meeting Minutes Vote     - Nicole Boswell moved to accept minutes as presented – Motion seconded by Carolyn Rhodes; Motion carried unanimously
  15. IX. Financials Vote     - Pamela R. Hill moved to accept the profit and loss statement as presented – Motion seconded by Vee Mosely; Motion carried unanimously

Adjournment – 2:41pm


Minutes prepared and submitted respectfully by Yeteva Johnson, 2018-2019 Secretary

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Treasurer's Report

                 Accrual Basis Wednesday, January 23, 2019 10:57 AM GMT-8  

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CEC - Chapter Executive Committee

 AGA Montgomery 2018-2019 Chapter Executive Committee!**

Courtney E. Bruce, President

Latreeka D. Williams, President-Elect

Emma Cole, Immediate Past President

LaShawn Pierce, Treasurer

Nakia E. Tetter, Financial Secretary

Yeteva M. Johnson, Secretary

Natasha Jockson, Assistant Secretary

Carmen Y. Leonard & Rosa Robinson, Co-Directors of Accountability

Kizzy Williams, Director of Awards

Emerick Davis, Director of Bylaws and Procedures

Saketa Moore, Director of Career Opportunities

Ashley T. McTear & Laura Sasser Co-Directors of Community Service

 Pamela Hill, LaShawn Pierce, & Kenny Ward, Co-Directors of Education

Sarah Hill, Director of Internal Audit

Vee Mosely & Tashundrea B. Patterson, Co-Director of Meetings & Registrations

Lataya Lucas & Kimwanna Robinson, Co-Directors of Membership & Early Career

Tiffany Arrington, Nikita Iverson, & Marcus A. Johnson, Co-Directors of Professional Certification

Jasmine James, Director of Programs

Nicole Boswell, Programs Assistant

Carolyn P. Rhodes, Gregory T. Sims, Mary K. Wilson,& Patricia Wilson Co-Directors of Scholarships

Christy Turner, Director of Communications

Roshanda A. McKinnon & Tameka Weathers, Webmasters & Co-Directors of Technology

David Smith, Director of Data Analysis

  **All contact information can be found on the chapter website,

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Until Next Time...


Courtney E. Bruce

 2018-2019 President

Making EVERY Member Matter


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