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October 2018 | Volume XXIII Issue II



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Happy Fall!

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President's Report

Greetings AGA Montgomery,
Our Fall PDT is on track to be an absolute success! The two-day conference will  consist of a CGFM Worhsop and different topics to train our members. I want to give a special thanks to our speakers and the members that lent a helping hand to make it possible. 
I also hope everyone had a wonderful time at our October luncheon. We had the pleasure of having Dr. Bronner speak on the economic status of Alabama. 
The holidays are right around the corner and I want the members of the Montgomery Chapter to have a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to seeing you December 13 when we will have Deputy Commisioner of the Alabama Department of Revenue, Curtis Stewart, joining us.




Courtney E. Bruce

                            AGA Montgomery Chapter President 2018-2019

                                     Making EVERY Member Matter

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Calendar of Events

December Luncheon

December 13, 2018




Curtis Stewart, who shares the post of Deputy Commissioner of Revenue, is a certified public accountant and brings to his new assignment 11 years of combined experience in the private sector as a sole practitioner in the Atlanta, Georgia, area and as a former audit and tax manager with KPMG accounting firm. Stewart began his career with the ADOR in 1991, and since that time has held management positions within the department in various tax administration areas, including regulatory licenses, severance, tobacco, fuel, sales and use taxes. Mr. Stewart served as director of the department’s Tax Policy and Research Division from 2008 to 2012.

Stewart, a native of Greenville, Alabama, received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Commerce School of Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia.

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CGFM Committee

$80.00 CGFM Workshop (Thursday Only)

$275.00 Thursday & Friday (includes membership for 2019-2020 year)


$105.00 CGFM Workshop (Non-Member ticket Thursday Only)

$300.00 Thursday & Friday (Non-member ticket includes membership for 2019-2020 year)

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Early Career

How to interview for soft skills

Hosted by Courtney Vien 

It’s increasingly important for accountants to have soft skills such as problem-solving acumen, flexibility, and the ability to communicate well. Rian Powell, senior director of recruiting at Chicago-area staffing and recruiting firm LaSalle Network, explains the right questions to ask during job interviews to assess candidates’ soft skills.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The most important soft skills accounting employers are looking for.
  • How to evaluate soft skills during a job interview.
  • How firms can recruit recent college grads.
  • How job candidates can showcase their soft skills in an interview.


Listen to the full podcast here

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Member Spotlight

* As feautered in the October 29, 2018 AGA topics newletter

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CPE Certifications have been sent for the October Luncheon. Please check your spam folder if you attended the October Luncheon and have not received your certification. The certificate will be mailed from simplecert. 

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Community Service

 On September 29th, members visited Blue Ridge Nursing Home and assisted them with an afternoon of bingo. The residents as well as the AGA attendees had a great time ending with the winner walking away with $10!!!




Raise with AGA

This year at the Fall PDT we will sell AGA T-Shirts to raise funds for a local service organization, Family Promise of Montgomery. This organization assist homeless families within the River Region by providing shelter at local churches and case management to help them live independently.

The shirts will be available to pre-order on the AGA website (credit card) or at the CGFM Exam Review Workshop on November 1st and the Fall PDT on November 2nd (cash or check) and will be delivered to you in the weeks following the conference.

Shirt designs will be sent through email within the week and will also be available to view at the workshop and PDT.


                         FRONT                                                    BACK


Click here to order


If you would like to sign up to join us or have any questions, please contact Ashley McTear or Laura Sasser at

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Education Committee

2018 Fall AGA Montgomery

Professional Development Training 

This year's Fall PDT will be held November 1-2, 2018.

Day 1 will be a CGFM workshop entitled "Who Wants to Be a CGFM?". It will be a fun and interactive review session for Part 3 of the Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM) exams. BRING ALL STUDY MATERIALS, INCLUDING THE STUDY GUIDE FOR PART 3. Come prepared to participate, learn, and WIN!! Door prizes and goodies will be given away!

Day 2 will be the AGA Fall Conference. This year's theme is "Today's Challenges...Tomorrow's Solutions". Topics will include subject matter regarding the effects of technology on today's accounting environment (good & bad), and what are some solutions to address these challenges and changes for the future.

**Each day will include 8hrs of CPE, pending Board approval**



$225.00 AGA Conference (Friday Only--includes membership for 2019-2020 year)

$275.00 Thursday & Friday (includes membership for 2019-2020 year)


$250.00 AGA Conference (Non-Member ticket Friday Only--includes membership for 2019-2020 year)

$300.00 Thursday & Friday (Non-member ticket includes membership for 2019-2020 year)


National AGA Training Events


Shared Services Summit

Nov. 1 | Washington | 9 CPEs

Summit to focus on shared services through
the new administration. 



2019 National Leadership Training

Feb. 27–28 | Washington or virtual | 14 CPEs

developing and training government financial 
professionals to excel as leaders


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Minutes from Past Meetings

AGA Montgomery Meeting

September 13, 2018

12:00 – 1:00 PM

Type of Meeting: CEC Leadership Meeting

Meeting Facilitator: Courtney Bruce, President (Cell (770) 851-9245)

Invitees: Officers and CEC Directors

Location: Zoom Meeting

  1. Call to order – 12:05pm
  2. Roll call – Secretary – 12:09pm – Quorum Met
  • Leadership Overview
  1. President Courtney Bruce
  2. LaShawn Pierce voted unanimously to assume the office of Treasurer effective September 1, 2018 on August 28, 2018.
  3. Reminder about luncheon kick-off on September 19, 2018 at Downtown Baumhowsers. Event will include an overview of the upcoming year. LaShawn Pierce will introduce and conduct a 5-6 minute Toastmaster mock meeting. The presentation will also be asking for volunteers to do impromptu speeches.
  4. Joint meeting with Military Comptrollers is tentatively scheduled for January 17, 2019. Military Comptrollers is currently looking for a speaker and may need assistance from AGA with registration.
    1. Yeteva Johnson to check with Capital City Club about reserving a room for about 65 attendees.
  5. David G. Bronner will be speaking about RSA on October 18, 2018. CPEs will be available.
  6. President-Elect Latreeka Williams
  7. Please remember to submit chapter recognition points on spreadsheet
  8. Immediate Past President Emma Cole – No Report
  9. Financial Report
  10. Treasurer Lashawn Pierce
  11. Since taking office has approved vouchers for Education Committee for an estimated $2,000.00
  12. Full Treasurer report will be available to view no later than September 21, 2018
  13. Financial Secretary Nakia Tetter– No Report
  14. CEC Directors
  15. Reports
  16. Membership/Early Career – No Report
  17. Certifications
    1. Previously planned CGFM workshop was cancelled due to time constraints
    2. New CGFM workshop format to be unveiled on November 1, 2018 at Wynlakes Country Club. It will cover Exam 3. More information will be shared shortly.
  18. Community Service
    1. First service project is schedule for September 29, 2018 at Blue Ridge Nursing Home from 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm. Attendees will be assisting residents in playing bingo.
    2. Community Service t-shirts to be sold at Fall PDT with money going to either Aid to Inmate Mothers or Family Promise.
  19. Communications - No Report
  20. Career Opportunities - No Report
  21. Education
    1. Fall PDT scheduled for November 2, 2018 at Wynlakes Country Club. Save the dates will be sent out soon. Agenda and speakers are currently being secured.
  22. Meetings & Registration
    1. Please remember that September luncheon is next week. There are only 11 spots left of the 60 originally available.
  23. Programs
    1. Plans to reach out to Dr. Karen Deal
  24. Accountability
    1. The CCR is currently being worked on and is scheduled to be completed ASAP.
  25. Awards
    1. Partnering with Meetings & Registrations this year as both groups plan to have a gift giveaway/door prize at each luncheon.
  26. Scholarship - No Report
  27. Webmaster - No Report
  28. Bylaws - No Report
  29. Audit Status Discussion (b)
  30. Wealth Management
  31. Emma Cole requested that engagement letter, dated August 20, 2018 (b), be signed by AGA President ASAP so that audit can begin.
    1. Audit needs to begin soon in order to make sure that Form 990 is completed on time. Failure to file Form 990 on time can result in a $4000 penalty.
  32. AGA audit must be put back on firms’ calendar before their regular customers start booking.
  33. Audit Concerns
  34. Price of Audit and speed of audit vote concerns were raised by CEC (b) members.
    1. Quote is set in stone and will not increase once audit has started.
    2. Need new quote that does not include fees for CPE review since the decision was made to perform the is review internally after the engagement letter was received (a) (b)
    3. Cost should come from chapter funds and not current budget.
  35. Motion to remove CPE from audit letter, request a new quote, and authorize the president to sign the updated letter without further CEC discussion made by Pamela Hill, Seconded by Yeteva Johnson (b)
    1. Motion passed – Yes 8… No 0… Abstain 0
  • Adjournment – 12:55 pm

Minutes prepared and submitted respectfully by Yeteva Johnson, 2018-2019 Secretary

Minutes approved on October 11, 2018

  • Corrected by Tashundrea Brown Patterson – September 17, 2018
  • Corrected by Emma Cole – September 18, 2018

AGA Montgomery Meeting

August 8, 2018

5:30 – 7:30 PM

Type of Meeting: CEC Leadership Meeting

Meeting Facilitator: Courtney Bruce, President (Cell (770) 851-9245)

Invitees: Officers and CEC Directors

Location: Juliette Hampton Morgan Memorial Library – Auditorium

  1. Call to order & Welcome by President Courtney Bruce - 5:30PM
  2. Roll Call by Secretary Yeteva Johnson – 5:59PM
  • Leadership Overview
  1. President
  • Appreciated all who attended the National PDT and helped the chapter to exceed CCP points goal
  • Went over contact information; advised that gmail email address ( and cell (770-851-9245) are preferred points of contact
  • Reminded CEC Directors to discuss ideas & events with committee before presenting to president/president-elect
  • Meetings will be held 1st Thursdays at Noon through Zoom
    • LaTaya Lucas suggests that we vote since several other groups meet during this time as well
  • Be aware of all phishing schemes as this is a nationwide issue through AGA
  • Document Management & Payment Online Request presentation was conducted
    • Officer folders should be used to hold information valuable to the position and can be viewed by subsequent officers assuming that office
    • Payment request has a usual turn-around time of 5 days & status can be viewed by looking at request number
    • All payments are tracked
    • Payment request rejections will be contacted individually
    • Log-in is the same used to register for events
    • Please contact Webmasters if there are any questions and/or issues
  1. President Elect Latreeka Williams
  • Chapter Recognition Points spreadsheet will be in Google drive. Please review & complete at the beginning of September so that the chapter can keep its platinum status.
  1. Treasurer’s Report by Treasurer Emma Coles and Financial Secretary Nakia Tetter
  • All committee budget requests still needed
  • Yearly audit to commence on August 9, 2018 through Wealth Management Partners (WMP)
    • Keri Hilton, point person from WMP, will be contacting certain positions for more information
  • About 15 payments from Spring PDT is still due
  • Use of a chapter debit card is still being discussed
  • Appointment of Assistant Treasurer Natasha Jackson
  • Motion to approve chapter budget as proposed by Carolyn Rhodes, Seconded by Nakia Tetter – Motion passed unanimously
  • Emma Cole has accepted a new position outside of Montgomery. She resigned as AGA Montgomery Chapter Treasurer effective September 1, 2018 (a)
  1. Updated Policies and Procedures and Committee Updates

Technology Director Tameka Weathers

  • Updated contact list will be sent to CEC
  • Committee generic emails are linked to directors requested email
  • Website is constantly updated & any changes can be sent to Webmasters
  • Remember to complete Technology Request Forms for events & announcements as they are viewed by Communications & Technology
  • Openings are available on the technology committee

Communications Director

  • N/A

Meetings and Registration Director

  • Advertisement for CGFM forum needs to start ASAP
    • Marcus Johnson reported that the agenda is going through final approval & should be ready by August 8, 2018
    • All costs are TBD (maybe $25 for snacks)
  1. Operating Plan Presentations – CEC Directors

Membership/Early Career – Lataya Lucas & Kimwana Robinson

  • Advertise free student memberships for all concentrations (IT, business, etc.)
  • Goal of 100 new members
  • Begin a mentorship program that spans at least 4 years
  • “Meet the Government” forum

Certifications – Marcus Johnson

  • Host more workshops in 2018-2019
  • Organization of first workshop on September 18/19, 2018
    • To be held @ Downtown Library from 1pm – 5pm
    • Taught by at least 5 CGFMs
    • $25 for 4 CPEs
    • Snacks/drinks to be provided

Community Service – Ashley McTear

  • No Report

Career Opportunities – Saketa Moore

  • Focus on announcing more government positions
  • Teach interviewing skills, resume preparation, and how to properly dress
  • Partnership with Membership/Early Career

Programs – Jasmine James

  • Re-iteration of yearly calendar previously discussed & listed below

Accountability – Courtney Bruce

  • Same as 2017-2018
  • Committee will support AUM students during case study
    • Provide snacks/drinks during long study hours
  • Introduce CCR to local schools

Awards – Courtney Bruce

  • Ideas are needed for new awards to be given. Please forward all ideas to committee

Scholarship – Courtney Bruce

  • All scholarships will align with national guidelines & previous years

Leadership & Engagement – Courtney Bruce

  • Committee still needs a Director & committee. All interest can be directed to President/President-Elect
  • Education and Professional Development Update – Education Directors
  • Venue for Fall PDT should be secured by the end of August
  • Speakers and agenda should be completed by the end of September
  • National CGFM promotion: CGFM candidates, take any CGFM exam in August or September and receive a promo code for 50% off any CGFM exam taken before the end of the year.
  • Chapter Bylaws Update – Bylaws and Procedures Director
  • Please forward all changes and/or updates to Emerick Davis
  1. Adjournment – 6:44 pm

Minutes prepared and submitted respectfully by Yeteva Johnson, 2018-2019 Secretary

Minutes approved on October 11, 2018

  • Corrected by Emma Cole – September 18, 2018


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CEC - Chapter Executive Committee

 AGA Montgomery 2018-2019 Chapter Executive Committee!**

Courtney E. Bruce, President

Latreeka D. Williams, President-Elect

Emma Cole, Immediate Past President

LaShawn Pierce, Treasurer

Nakia E. Tetter, Financial Secretary

Yeteva M. Johnson, Secretary

Natasha Jockson, Assistant Secretary

Carmen Y. Leonard & Rosa Robinson, Co-Directors of Accountability

Kizzy Williams, Director of Awards

Emerick Davis, Director of Bylaws and Procedures

Saketa Moore, Director of Career Opportunities

Ashley T. McTear & Laura Sasser Co-Directors of Community Service

 Pamela Hill, LaShawn Pierce, & Kenny Ward, Co-Directors of Education

Sarah Hill, Director of Internal Audit

Vee Mosely & Tashundrea B. Patterson, Co-Director of Meetings & Registrations

Lataya Lucas & Kimwanna Robinson, Co-Directors of Membership & Early Career

Tiffany Arrington, Nikita Iverson, & Marcus A. Johnson, Co-Directors of Professional Certification

Jasmine James, Director of Programs

Nicole Boswell, Programs Assistant

Carolyn P. Rhodes, Gregory T. Sims, Mary K. Wilson,& Patricia Wilson Co-Directors of Scholarships

Christy Turner, Director of Communications

Roshanda A. McKinnon & Tameka Weathers, Webmasters & Co-Directors of Technology

David Smith, Director of Data Analysis

  **All contact information can be found on the chapter website,

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Until Next Time...


Courtney E. Bruce

 2018-2019 President

Making EVERY Member Matter


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